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Webber Camden

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

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Equally suited for business and pleasure, The Camden Social is a full-service restaurant situated in the Camden neighborhood of North Minneapolis.


Our goal is to create a safe, sexy, and social environment with premium accommodations. We exist to meet the demand for a high-end establishment for diverse professionals.


Explore a vibrant array of locally owned eateries, each offering a diverse spectrum of culinary delights and providing inviting spaces to relax, eat, socialize, and come together as a community.

From juicy hamburgers and comforting soul food to nourishing plant-based delights and global delicacies such as Italian cuisine — our neighborhood boasts a rich tapestry of options guaranteed to delight every taste bud.

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Webber Park stands as a picturesque centerpiece within our neighborhood, offering a wealth of recreational activities for all ages to enjoy.

Featuring tennis courts, picnic areas, walking trails, biking paths, and swimming pool.

Whether you're seeking a leisurely stroll, an exhilarating game of tennis, or a refreshing swim, it provides an idyllic setting for community engagement and outdoor enjoyment.

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Discover the enriching youth programs at Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization, empowering youth to thrive and succeed.


From leadership development and community engagement with the Northside Youth Council to sports, arts, and skill-building activities, our programs offer a supportive space for young individuals to build friendships, gain valuable experiences, and contribute positively to our community.

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places of worship & Sacred Spaces

Places of worship, ranging from churches to mosques, hold significant importance within Webber-Camden.


They serve as pillars of spiritual guidance and religious practice for residents, while also actively participating in community engagement, social support, and cultural activities.

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a beautiful 
place to live

Webber-Camden welcomes you with its charming and vibrant residential landscape, where each home, from cozy single-family dwellings to multifaceted residential buildings, exudes warmth and character.

Upcoming Events

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